Together we can serve humanity  

Few weeks ago after I finished our London masquerade-ball event in aid of street children in Senegal, I told my friends, now I am going to focus on raising awareness about the drought that affecting the lives of people in Somaliland. 

So I raised my hand in dua and asked God to enable me to go to Somaliland so can help them. Don’t underestimate sincere intention and powerful dua, because God listen and He provided me with the opportunity to be at services of others. I found myself few days ago in Somaliland visiting camps and hearing stories from the people I aim to serve. 

I was reminded by the people I was blessed to share this opportunity with that God has selected us by name to make this journey, to take to the skies, to land in Africa, to witness the drought, to hear the stories, to live the issue, to understand #climatechange, to save lives, to make a change, to receive the dua of those in dire need, to raise awareness and here I am spreading the message.