Mark Gonzales wage beauty in Peace House

On Monday 4th November 2013, Peace House in London welcomed a conversation with Mark Gonzales on staying lovely in times of painful ignorance.

As the spectacular fireworks was displaying on London Sky, Mark has managed to bring colours into our life via his words and energy.

I noted down the below quotes from his event which was titled “Poetic Secrets to Surviving the Idiots”

“Love let the lovers be loved”

“In a world that tends to reduce everything to figures and numbers, we do not have to forget that 1 million people is one person one million times”

I invite you all to access his world and integrate into his poetry. It will for sure wage beauty in your life and he welcomes you to embrace it.

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Mark 2

Audience with Mark Gonzales



My photo with Mark came after exchanging conversation about healing process and creativity. He introduced me to a new book by Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way, a course in discovering and recovering your creative soul. I have indeed bought the book, and shall dedicate a review in a new post once I complete the course with courage.

Many thanks to The Islamic Human Rights Commission @ihrc for organising this event, which brought us all warmth and joy.

The Poet and the Man – Maxamed Ibrahim Warsame (Hadraawi)


On 20th October 2013, I had the pleasure to attend Somali Festival Week at Oxford House in London, where the legend Hadraawi was launching his new book ‘The Poet and the Man’. This book is a collection of his masterpiece poems translated and led by Bill Herbert and including the authors Said Jama Hussein, Mahamed Ali Hassan ‘Alto’ and Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi Ahmed ‘ Gadhweyne’

Hadraawi is arguably the most popular living Somali poet who was born in 1943, towards the end of the Second World War into a nomadic, camel-herding family of the district of Burao in Somaliland.

I would recommend each one of you to get a copy of the book. We are blessed that his collection of poetry been translated into English.

‘Let these few lines be as striking

as the stripes on an oryx

as visiable and as lovely –

I simply place them in plain view.’

“Daalcan” (Clarity), Hadraawi


Many thanks to Kayd Somali Art & Redsea Culture Foundation who are behind documenting the life and poetry of the greatest living Somali poet and thinker – Hadraawi.

If you would like further information about the book, or how to purchase one, please email or/and please visit website


Me with Hadraawi and you can also read my poem which I wrote when I met him last year at the same event here |