Running in Morocco

I had an amazing start to 2016 where I took part in my first ever half marathon in the magnificent Marrakech to raise fund for clean water. Yes, here is where you applause me but first watch my running in Morocco vlog here.

Now I am not a runner but I am stubborn soul who want to lead a life that is very different to what my bones demand. I have never ran before and I can not say I enjoyed the process of training or even running a mile. But there is something special about accomplishing your goal, crossing the line, of challenging your mind and soul to keep going against all the odds. Running with thousands of people from all walk of life, from different fitness, abilities and background, gives you a sense of inspirational kick that you need to run it when the whistle goes off. I have certainly experienced Morocco’s liveliest city to the full as I run (OK walked most of the time too) by winding souks, beautiful gardens, historic palaces, Mosques, tombs and mountains. I ran for water, I ran for life and my chosen charity human appeal would bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to the communities I had the beautiful opportunity to meet in Senegal.

You can still support my fundraising efforts by donating via this link

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Thanks to everyone who supported me, to my wonderful trainer to those who donated and to the soul who edited my vlog. You are all awesome.